Green Business Council Irving Chamber

Green Business Council Launched in Irving

Irving businesses have come together to develop the city’s first Green Business Council.

The group will provide motivation, resources, education and mentorship to businesses wanting to become more involved in environmental stewardship.

The Greater Irving–Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce identified the need for a Green Business Council based on input from local businesses. Lonnie Mullen with Shermco is leading the group. Other key participants in its development include Fred Davis with Frito Lay, Fran Witte with the City of Irving, Jo Ann Goin with Glory House Catering and Jennifer Colleps with Shermco.

“The mission of the Green Business Council is to foster a culture of stewardship within the community, preserve natural resources, address economic needs and decrease waste, while enhancing quality of life for present and future generations,” said Witte.

The council will educate businesses on environmental impacts and provide them with resources to help them succeed with green initiatives.

“Many businesses feel overwhelmed by the idea of implementing green processes in their business,” said Mullen. “The desire is there, but they don’t know where to start. Our council will provide easy steps to get started with small changes like recycling paper and plastic bottles, then move on to larger changes later.”

The Green Business Council will encourage businesses to track results. Awards and recognition will serve as incentives for businesses that participate, and bring green businesses and organizations together.

The Green Business Council has an 11 a.m. meeting the third Friday of each month at Glory House Bistro, 109 S. Main St., in Irving. For more information, call the chamber at (214) 217-8484 or send an email to
[email protected]