Vegan Lunch Irving Texas!

Glory House Bistro is now offering a hot vegan lunch option daily.  Along with with a fresh delicious salad bar with many vegan options, now the additional vegan hot lunch make eating a vegan lunch easy in Irving Texas!

Each day Glory House Bistro offers a beef, chicken and vegan entree along with a fresh salad bar and two homemade soups.  The menu changes daily!  Displayed buffet-style, this fresh delicious lunch offers quick in and out healthy options for a lunch on the go.  Not in a hurry?  No problem.  Linger in our elegant lunch Bistro as long as you would like.

Glory House offers a quiet relaxing alternative to the loud, clunky sounds in a traditional restaurant.  With relaxing music and elegant decor, Glory House is an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of work life.

A typical daily menu could include beef roast, brisket roast, pork roast, chicken marsala, Glory House signature breaded chicken, and much more. And now along with these excellent carnivorous menu items, you will find a variety of vegan items such as roasted bells stuffed w/veggies and tofu, summer squash with mint, vegan pasta with roasted pumpkin, chickpeas with veggies, couscous with almonds and veggies, sundried tomato and artichoke couscous and much more!

Stop in for lunch Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM at 109 S. Main Street, Irving, Texas 75060!

Visit our website for a daily Bistro menu offering and pricing info: Vegan Lunch Irving Texas

Lunch at Glory House Bistro

Lunch at Glory House Bistro

Fresh salad bar

Bistro Hot Buffet

Glory House Bistro Hot Buffet