One of the hardest parts about putting together a successful wedding reception is finding caterers and venues that can work together. Many times, a venue choice will require clients to use the preferred catering vendor, which might not work with your plans or budget. Conversely, many caterers do not have facilities large enough to host your reception crowd, even if you just plan to have a small gathering. When you can find a catering company that can offer you the elegant and comfortable facilities needed for a beautiful reception, then you’re winning the battle.

Wedding Cake

Fortunately for those getting married in the Irving, TX area, the Glory House Bistro is one such caterer that can offer you onsite wedding receptions. Within the first few moments of your visit, you will notice that the staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful, the venue is warm and inviting, and the food is perfect for any occasion. No matter the size and scope of your reception, the Glory House Bistro can help you get the hardest parts of the planning out of the way so you can concentrate on having fun.

One of the most exciting things about holding an onsite wedding reception with the Glory House Bistro is that most of your planning will be taken right out of your hands. This is invaluable to brides who have large lists of tasks to complete before the big day, and the relief from the food and venue planning will be wonderful. Glory House is more than happy to supply the china, decorations, food, and serving staff, as well as a beautiful room for the festivities. All you need to do is choose a reception package and  menu that fits firmly within your budget and then let the professionals with the Glory House Receptions take care of the rest.

When the event is finished and you are on your way to spending a life of blissful happiness with your new spouse, the Glory House staff will take care of the cleaning. If you have ever planned an event with other event halls where the cleaning was the responsibility of the party, then you already know how invaluable this service is. Your dishes and decorations will be taken care of, leaving you with no worries except that you make your flight in time for your honeymoon. No one else makes it easier than the Glory House.