Places to have wedding receptions Dallas, Irving Texas

Once you have said yes to that all-important question, the hard part really begins. Putting together a wedding is never as easy as it looks, but there are ways to cut down on the work so that you can concentrate on the happiness of the event. Your first big step, after informing your families of course, is to choose the perfect venue where you can exchange your vows and then party into the night with the revelers that want to celebrate with you. Finding a venue may not be as easy as it sounds, especially since the most popular places are often booked at least a year in advance. You can snag something great, though! Just don’t give up until you’ve found it.

Glory House formal wedding catering Irving Dallas Texas

Glory House formal wedding catering Irving Dallas Texas

When you’re searching for wedding reception halls in Irving, TX, you will need to consider the type of event you desire. For instance, if you want  full-course meal with champagne and gourmet dishes, it’s a good idea to find venues that really matches the tone you want to set. If you’re hoping for something a little more casual, don’t select the fanciest hotel in the city. You will know it when you see it, and everything will begin to fall into place.

The type of reception you want will also affect the food that you wish to serve. Finding a caterer for your reception doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, if you find the right company, they can also take a great deal of the planning out of your hands and take care of it for you. The patient and understanding staff at the Glory House Cateirng will be more than happy to help you draw up a menu to fit your budget, while also keeping strictly to the style of the wedding and reception. Many people choose to serve only hors d’oeuvres at the reception in an effort to save money for other aspects of the wedding, and the Glory House Catering is prepared to offer some truly phenomenal appetizers. If you hope for something more elegant and structured, the Glory House Catering is well equipped to provide a formal dinner. The most popular choice is a buffet table of delectable dishes that will keep everyone happy.

Just remember that your budget should cover the food as well as the extra services. The Glory House Catering can take care of everything that fits into your price range.